Dominoes Rules: Quick Ways to Win

dominoes rules

Don’t you enjoy playing dominoes? I’m sure everyone could recall moments when they played this game with excitement. This game is probably the all-time preferred by families and friends for a long time. Since the 1200s, we can’t ever get enough of playing dominoes.

What makes this activity so compelling is its easy set of rules. Dominoes rules are very simple to follow and understand. Inspite the several versions of this game, the dominoes rules set for they’re quite easy to catch on. It’s no surprise how it is a part of any culture.


Dominoes Rules: Draw Dominoes

The game of dominoes first became popular in Europe, particularly in Italy. Although history points its origin at China (some at Egypt and Arabian countries), it is in Europe when this game turned into a craze. Then on, more and more countries got hooked up in playing this game. In fact, states have adopted their own version of this game. A few of the dominoes games variation are draw, block, concentration, all-fives, Mexican train, chicken foot, and others. One of the most played though is draw.

Dominoes rules in the draw game are rather easy to learn and follow. The game starts by placing all the tiles on a table. Make sure all are faced down hiding the pins / dots. Mix them up with your hand.

If there’s 2 players, each person picks 7 dominoes. If you can find 3 or 4 players, each chooses 5 dominoes. All dominoes you’ve selected ought to be placed front of you but hidden from other players. Other unselected dominoes will be placed in a pile, which is called the ‘boneyard’.

The player with the highest double (usually double six) should start the game. If no one has a double, whoever has the highest value of domino starts the game.

The next player to the left must place a matching domino next. If he does not have a matching value, the player picks a domino from the boneyard. If there are if no more dominoes left, the player should pass his turn.


Dominoes Rules: How to Win and Score

Winning is quite simple. Most dominoes rules have a simple objective to attain, which makes it the best game to be played by kids and adults. The key to winning dominoes rules is to have a low count of dominoes. Most games of dominoes follow this rule, which makes it rather essential to lose all the heavy tiles at once early on in the game. If not, you will end up losing the entire thing.

Generally, the 1st player that has no domino wins the round. But in any case, nobody runs out of dominoes but all the players passes because they lack a playable domino, whoever has the lowest score is made the winner. The scores are the total number of points of the unplayed dominoes. If the declared winner has any unplayed dominoes, subtract them from the score. In draw dominoes rules, the game is played to 100 points.

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